Utah Warriors Iosepa 2021 Special Edition Jerseys

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Major League Rugby are superb when it comes to being creative in both merchandise and how they reach the community. There are plenty of instances of how MLR clubs have ingratiated themselves into their local communities and they have done some superb work for local charities and the grassroots game of Rugby Union, in the United States and Canada. 

Utah recently wore a special edition shirt when they played Rugby ATL on July the 10th. The Warriors wore this jersey as 'a tribute to rugby’s existence and to honour those who have come before, unknowingly laying the foundation for rugby as it is today.' Following the game, the matchday Jerseys were auctioned off and proceeds went to the Utah Warriors Rugby Foundation, which helps to grow the sport of rugby in the local communities at the youth level. You can find the link to the replica jerseys HERE.

The Jersey itself is in homage to the Polynesian community that have been in Utah since 1889. The Iosepa pacific islander communities helped build the culture of rugby in Utah and they laid the foundation for how they play today. The Warriors squad currently has a strong Pacific Islander presence and these players have been major contributors to why this team is doing so well this season. 

Utah Warriors On The Pacific Island Community In The Region:  

Rugby in the state of Utah owes its stronghold and existence in large part to its Pacific Island community and heritage. The Polynesian community in Utah got its start early in Utah history when people from the Isles of Hawaii migrated to Utah and in 1889 were given a place to settle in Utah’s West Desert that they called Iosepa. Today, remnants of what was Iosepa still exist. It’s influence on what makes home to a larger population of Pacific Islanders may not be immediately realized but because of Iosepa, Utah is home to many Pacific Islanders today.


 This is a fantastic jersey from MLR jersey partners Paladin Sports. The light blue and white are to represent the famous Salt Flats in the region. The blue represents the river that tried up to create the Salt Flats. Like all MLR jerseys, it has a very sleek look and definitely one you need in your collection. 

Jersey Specifications: 

Iosepa Series Limited Edition Replicas 

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  • 100% Performance Polyester
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Sweat Evaporation
  • Quick Dry

What The Utah Warriors Said:

Themes from the Salt Flats were incorporated into the Iosepa Series Limited Edition alternate kit to symbolize the gathering spot of elements from around the world. The water that once was Lake Bonneville came from various places outside of Utah and collected in the region. Overtime, parts of the lake dried up leaving behind the salt and minerals that are now the Salt Flats. Rugby in the State of Utah is like the Salt Flats. Just as the salt and minerals were brought to Utah by Lake Bonneville and were left behind in the Salt Flats, Rugby was brought to Utah by various cultures and traditions, including Polynesian groups similar to that of Iosepa. Over time those who originally brought it with them have passed on leaving behind remnants of the original rugby traditions and cultures creating a foundation for it to continue on in the modern era.

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