Ajax Have Done It Again!!

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Pretty much every season, Ajax come out with one of the best kits around. Their style is iconic and Ajax kits new or vintage, tend to be one of the most sought after European Jerseys. They have such a rich history as a club and play a style of football that appeals to the masses. This season they have harked back to that history and have reverted to their former badge, giving the kit a vintage feel. The use of the old badge is only temporary for this next season, but it gives the jersey a classic feel, along with the extra little touches of authenticity. 

 This new 2021/22 Home Jersey follows the old guidelines for an Ajax jersey, with the badge being part on the red and part on the white. The red is also darker than the previous designs. The sponsor, Ziggo, have also allowed their sponsor to be smaller, in order to fit into the smaller red block this year. Adidas have done a stellar job on this jersey and it's definitely on to add to your collection. 

Head To The Ajax Club Shop To Buy One - Click HERE For The Shop & Check Out The Jersey Below. 

Ajax Statement On The New Jersey:

In a Johan Cruyff Arena with no fans for almost the entire season, the ‘old logo’ was one of the few spectators at the Ajax home games. The impressive banner, handmade by the fans, could be found behind the goal week by week – in the stands that usually are the epicentre of a roaring Johan Cruyff Arena. After such an unreal season, this historical logo will be back on the home jersey, in what is a one-off tribute to the fans. This logo does not contain the championship stars, like that was also not the case back in the days. The three stars do show as a neck detail, with a subtle addition of the three Andreas crosses.


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