Adidas PRIMABLUE All Blacks & Black Ferns Jerseys

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After the recent New Zealand Women's Sevens Olympic Gold Medal and ahead of the second All Blacks Bledisloe Cup Test against the Wallabies, we have decided to take a look at the recent New Zealand Rugby Jersey Releases. 

All Blacks:

 The All Blacks jersey is iconic and although it does not change much in appearance, it is still one of the most sort after each season. Despite the design not changing much, the quality of jersey is improving year after year. Adidas have really pulled it out the bag this time round. They have created a sleek design, which is lighter, more flexible and more comfortable; allowing players to play at their best. 

A new collar design sees the return of a primarily black collar with white detailing and the classic Mandarin collar design, while the new modernized cuff construction is designed to improve comfort and shaping around the bicep. The match jersey is also 35 percent lighter than previous designs.


PRIMABLUE is something that Adidas is beginning to use a lot more in the creation of their jerseys. We have seen it at Super Rugby level and we have an example on our website, through the Blues Jersey.

PRIMABLUE jerseys are made with at least 40% recycled material. They use Parley Ocean Plastic, which is intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shorelines preventing it from polluting our oceans. We feel that many jerseys are going to be made this way in the future and we really hope they are, as this is a fantastic way to help the environment and limit the impact from creating new jerseys each season. 


Black Ferns: 

This is probably the most interesting element of the new kit releases. The Black Ferns, New Zealand's uber-successful Women's International Team has finally been designed it's own jersey, thirty years on from it's inception. A particular line at the start of the recent kit release really catches the eye and helps explains the reasoning behind this move: high-performance uniforms fit for the equally high-performing teams. Both of these teams are top class outfits and deserve to be kitted out in the best gear. 

The problem in previous years is has been that the Black Ferns would just be given the same kit as the All Blacks. This clearly is never going to work as male and female athletes require different fits from their jerseys. Adidas worked with the Black Ferns and used cutting edge body scanning techniques to come up with the best possible jersey for athletic excellence. Hopefully more nations will follow suit. 


New Zealand Statement on the new Black Ferns jersey: 

Reflecting a balance of fierce athleticism and femininity, the bespoke Black Ferns jersey provides a sleek, athletic and feminine silhouette. The jersey features an adaptation of the traditional rugby collar for a feminine, athletic look while elastic-free cuffs with a longer length provide comfort, alongside the shaped hem, for free-ranging movement. Seams around the waist allow for a tailored fit to suit the feminine body shape, similar to the back panel and waistband, which allow for a high-performance, athletic look. The accompanying shorts are designed to allow for more free-ranging movement and comfort for the legs. Featuring PASMO CHILL, a knitted material that allows for temperature regulation, the jersey is also equipped to keep players cool on the field.


What They Said: 

All Blacks Captain Sam Cane: “What we wear and what that represents is a huge part of our nation’s heritage. There is a responsibility that comes with wearing the All Blacks jersey and we take that responsibility seriously. The jersey is iconic for us, not only in the way it looks, but also in how it supports us when we’re playing on the field. That’s why we’re always keen to be involved in the development of any new jersey. We love working with the team at adidas to ensure each new design is refined to reflect the modern needs of the game, so we can make the iconic jersey even more special.”

 Matthew Fielding - Category Director - Global Brands Adidas:: “The All Blacks and Black Ferns jersey launches are about recognizing a need for change and addressing it. By launching the jerseys together for the first time, we wanted to focus on addressing our ambition to be the most sustainable brand in rugby and celebrate the diversity and inclusion within the world of rugby. We hope to continue our dedication to creating sporting apparel that is not only functional and innovative but sustainable, while inspiring the next generation of players, particularly female players, to know that anything is possible.”

Black Ferns senior player Les Elder: “It’s hard to put into words what this moment means to our team. I’m excited to be part of the journey towards elevating the women’s game and seeing our sport get the recognition it deserves. This jersey is designed to inspire the future of our game and we cannot wait to wear it on the field and motivate the next generation of girls and women in New Zealand to pick up a rugby ball and chase their dreams.”


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